Membership Applications

To join the West Rim MDWUA you must be a resident property owner in our service area. That area is bounded on the west side by the Rio Grande Gorge and on the east by the Rio Arriba county line. Its northern boundary is 36 degrees, 46 minutes, 45 seconds north latitude and its southern boundary is the intersection of the Rio Grande and the Rio Arriba county line. The parts of Pilar on the east side of the Rio Grande are also in our service area.

The documents we require to prove that you qualify for membership are a copy of the property deed for your property and the most recent tax receipt for that property. A copy of the deed can be obtained from the Taos county clerk’s office and the Tax receipt can be obtained from the Taos county Treasurer’s office. If the property was recently purchased, a tax receipt from the previous owner is acceptable. If the property is under mortgage, there is no problem in approving the application but not for real estate contracts or purchase agreements. We have received several applications with real estate contracts recently and are currently working on a policy for them but  they by themselves are not accepted as proof of property ownership. If you submit an application with a real estate contract or purchase agreement, you will still have to provide a copy of the property deed and tax receipt, even if they are not in your name and you will be subject to additional processing fees. Your application will be put on hold until we have a formal written policy for real estate contracts and purchase agreements. Proof of residence on the property will also be required.  We are more than likely going to have to have a different membership application for properties under a real estate contract or purchase agreement as well.

The membership is for one individual property and applications with multiple lots will not be accepted.

A membership application may be downloaded from the link below. The membership fee is currently $250.

Membership Application.