Our board meetings are normally held the second Thursday of each month at 10:30 am. They are held at our well site at the intersection of the West Rim road and US 64.  We hold our annual members meeting on the First Sunday of August of each year. It is also held at our well site.

Our Next Regular Board Meeting


Our June Board Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday July 11th , 2024, 10:30 am at our well site on #3 West Rim Road, Taos County.  In addition to the regular meeting, there will be a possible quorum of board members present at the meeting of the Greater Valle de Taos Water and Wastewater Alliance on July 24th, 2024 from 1-3 pm at Padre Martinez Hall on the UNM  campus.

Agenda not yet available


Our annual members meeting will take place on Sunday August 4th 2024. There will be a board election this year and David Baca and Annie Murdock will both be running for reelection for their board positions. There are also two proposed bylaws changes to be voted on. One will limit the memberships one person may have on one property to one. Our current bylaws allow for multiple memberships on one property. This bylaws change will not affect any current multiple memberships. The second classifies memberships as active and inactive and only allows active memberships to count towards a quorum at members meetings. We have many deceased members and members who have moved away and not sold their property and we would like those memberships to not count towards a quorum at membership meetings because every year it gets harder to get 7% of the members at our annual meeting due to the ever increasing number of members on the rolls. To be considered inactive, the membership would have to be either for a deceased person with no transfer of the property or a member who we have not heard from in the past 5 years who was on the old water card system and hasn’t registered in the new system.


For more information please call

David Baca, President, at 505-559-4512

Thorin Caristo, Secretary, at 808-269-8145